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Network Monitoring
The single tool to prevent network failures and to monitor network performance for quick problem resolution
Corporate data networks are becoming more complex from year to year. In connection with this, monitoring systems are developing as specialists in this field should be familiar with a wide range of problems that arise in the network environment. One of the main purposes of modern monitoring systems is the simplification of tasks.

Mentol Pro follows this principle and is tailored to simplify the adaptation of valuable information about network performance. Proactive identification the root causes of the problem and its prompt resolution is key challenge of our monitoring system.
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Mentol Pro serves your business
Troubleshoot the problem before
it affects users and business
Network performance is monitored with predefined and customizable alerts that trigger when thresholds are crossed
Reduse mean time to resolve incidents and network failure
Mentol Pro provides you with comprehensive data that is enough to conduct root-cause analysis
Ensure that IT focuses on
principal business objectives
IT specialists receives entire required data on the single pane of glass and are able to support business efficiently

What problems we solve
  • Lack of centralized monitoring tool that led to low network visibility and misunderstanding of complex network system
  • Inability to identify roots of problem effectively with finger-pointing between IT groups
  • Long response time resulting in users dissatisfaction and potential lost revenue
  • Heavy workload of support team due to repeating users' requests
How we do it
  • The system is under monitoring 24/7 with the possibility to get alerts via email, SMS and web in case of abnormal situations
  • Improved collaboration and communication between IT staff
  • Full visibility of the network status from device to device
  • Increasing the visibility of a locally distributed network
All the features of Mentol Pro for your business
UC Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Centralized UC network monitoring console to easily troubleshoot incidents
Voice Quality Management
Provide business with the highest user experience for every VoIP call in real time
Call Accounting
Simplify the communication spend management and start cutting costs
Network Monitoring
Insight into entire network infrastructure from the single pane of glass
Delivering the value to multi-vendor environment
Avaya enhances communication experience providing customers with perfect unified communication software and services.

Mentol Pro serves to manage and optimize Avaya unified communication environment
Cisco is the world leader in
network technologies that are changing the ways of communication and collaboration.

Mentol Pro helps to take control over the efficiency of using innovative technologies

Unify expertise is voice
and collaboration solutions
for enterprise communications. 

Mentol Pro will provide you with
effective monitoring and
cost control over Unify solutions

Huawei collaboration services
offer powerful capabilities
for real-time interaction.

Get a better understanding of using the advanced technologies with a help of
Mentol Pro analytics and monitoring

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